Swansea: Action on Forests and Palm Oil

17 November, 2018 - 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM GMT
Castle Square
Event type:
Street campaigning
2 persons are going

Global day of action to stop deforestation in Indonesia.  Huge areas of forest in Indonesia are being felled to make way for palm oil plantations, palm oil being a commodity that finds its way into most of our consumer goods.  These forests are home to many endangered animals, and in particular the Orang utan, which if this destruction continues will become extinct in the wild.  In addition to clear the forests, large areas are set fire to and this with the fire taking hold in the peaty soils is a great contributer to poor air quality across south east Asia reaching as far as Singapore and a great danger to global warming.

Greenpeace is having this Global day of action to save the forests, putting pressure on one household brand  in particular that is linked to palm oil use.  Please come along and help us raise awareness of this issue, how this and many other household brands are linked to rainforest destruction.