Shopper's Revolt in Kingston

15 September, 2018 - 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM BST
Sainsbury's (Eden Walk), Kingston Eden Street 6-12 KT1 1BU
Event type:
Street campaigning
9 persons are going

Over 750,000 people so far have signed our petition asking supermarkets to ditch throwaway plasticpackaging. Now we’re asking them to take action on the ground, by leaving their excess plastic packaging at supermarket checkouts, as part of a coordinated Shoppers’ Revolt on Saturday 15th September. In addition, campaign group Plastic Attack are also encouraging people to take action on plastic packaging in supermarkets on the same day as part of World Clean Up Day.

This is how we expect the activity could go:

  • ●  Approach shoppers on their way into the store, explain the campaign (see conversation with the public section below) and invite them to hand-in some of their plastic packaging once they’ve paidfor it, along with one of the blue cards at the check-out.

  • ●  Give them a blue “This is pointless plastic” card to hand in with their plastic. If they wish they canwrite a short message on the back of the card.

  • ●  Advice to give shoppers doing the hand-in activity:

    • They can hand in lots of plastic packaging or just one piece, depending on what they’re comfortable with.

    • They should only hand-in single use, clean plastic packaging i.e. packaging that came with fruit, veg and other dry goods.

    • Ask them to politely explain that they’re handing back excess plastic packaging because they think supermarkets have a responsibility to deal with the waste they’re producing. Decisionsabout packaging are made by supermarket CEOs, not the people who work in the stores, so no-one should get angry or frustrated with the checkout cashiers or other staff.

  • ●  Ask them to let you know how it went when they come back out after doing their shop.

In a nutshell, we'll be providing people with small business cards to be left with an item of plastic at the checkout or customer service desk after someone has finished their shop. We'll also be providing people with paper bags for their groceries if they'd like them as well as having petitions for signing. 

If you have any questions about this, comment below. Hope to see you there!