Save the heart of the Amazon - stall Umbrella Festival

20 August, 2016 - 12:00 PM BST to 21 August, 2016 - 6:00 PM BST
Umbrella Festival, Racecourse Park, Northampton Leicester Street NN2 6AA Northampton
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Festival/Market etc
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The Tapajos river in the Brazilian Amazon -new threat; a series of vast hydroelectric dams that will flood an area bigger than Greater London. In addition to its incredible diversity of plants and animals, including endangered species, the Tapajos basin is also fundamental to the Munduruku people who have lived in the area for thousands of years using the forest and river for food and transportation. Their demand is simple, they want the right to determine their own future and what happens on their land. They have asked for our help. Greenpeace, together with the Munduruku people, are calling for the Tapajos mega­dam project to be scrapped-

Siemens is likely to be an initial major player in the building of this dam, so our first step is to get them to pull out of the project. 

Public engagement:
We'll set up a ‘Siemens spin’ campaign stall complete with:

● An ‘unlucky dip’ washing machine, from which people will pull out a t­shirt shaped image and interesting fact about the Amazon. ● Siemens dirty laundry washing line – tea towels with beautiful Amazon imagery/Munduruku people on them. This is to show people what’s at stake, so they will be inspired to save it.

● Postcards to Siemens (with data capture tear off) ● ‘Amazon heart’ stickers to give to people who sign.

● White­cheeked spider monkey costume...?

The idea for this activity is for you to invite passersby to find out what’s in Siemens spin. They will pull out an interesting Amazon fact from the washing machine, that will inspire them to send a message directly to Siemens through a campaign postcard. There is also a tear­off data capture slip on the postcards ­ please encourage people to complete that, so we can stay in touch with them about the campaign.