Save Druridge: Family Beach Party & Picinic

30 May, 2016 - 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM BST
Druridge Bay NE61 5EG Morpeth
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Protest, Party, Celebration, Vigil or Solidarity activity
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Hip Hip Hip Hooray - We love Druridge Bay!

Over the dunes from Druridge Bay, Banks Mining plans to dig a hole up to 70 metres (230 feet) deep, over 600 acres. They want to extract 3 million tonnes of coal which, when burned, will emit sufficient carbon to produce 11 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. It would take all 150 million trees in Kielder Forest 40 years to absorb so much CO2.


The UK, along with 170 countries, signed up formally on 22nd April to the climate agreement reached in Paris last December, to reduce its emissions, but continuing to burn coal will prevent us from reaching our targets.

The UK government says it might close all coal-fired power stations by 2025, but this is too late. The world is warming fast, scientists predict more rapid melting of the ice caps than expected, sea levels are rising, extreme weather evens are becoming more frequent…

The warning signs are clear - we must stop burning fossil fuels, and fast. So let’s say NO loud and clear to Banks’ proposal.

But hey, let’s enjoy ourselves in the process. Join us at our Druridge Beach Party and Picnic with your family and friends for some fun amidst the madness. Bring on the sandcastle competition!

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