Palm Oil Campaign street stall in Norwich

17 November, 2018 - 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM GMT
Millennium Plain Millennium Plain
1 person is going

We are launching a new global campaign to protect the forests of SE Asia by calling on leading companies to ensure that they stop buying palm oil from companies associated with the destruction of rainforest for palm plantations.

Our street stall this Saturday is part of a global day of action targeting Mondelez and in particular Oreo, urging people to put pressure on them to drop dirty palm oil.

There will be both a morning and an afternoon session, with the morning running from 10-11 and the afternoon from 1:30-2:30. If you could arrive half an hour beforehand for a briefing then that would be great.

For information, Mondelez is not just the owner of Oreo's it is a major food company which owns Cadbury, Ritz crackers, Stimorol gum and Toblerone amongst many others.