Pagan Pride 2017

6 August, 2017 - 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM BST
The Arboretum Waverley Street NG7 4HF
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Festival/Market etc
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Hopefully our application will be processed in time and we will have a stall at Pagan Pride 2017 - for the 5th year running.  We always have a great time with a supportive audience of Pagans from across the country.  

We will be telling our friends about BP's plans to drill for oil close to an environmentally sensitive and unique area, the Amazon Reef, which is a reef like no other reef - it grows in the murky waters off the mouth of the Amazon by a process called chemosynthesis by bacteria similar to the bacteria that live in deep underwater 'smokers' (where hot water escapes from volcanic plumes).  This reef is still unexplored by science so we don't know what unique and interesting life we may still find.  We know that the reef is made up of sponges rather than coral and that some of these sponges can be massive.  We also know that rare manatees and turtles live there and that the Brazilian coast has the longest stretch of mangrove anywhere and that indigenous peoples depend on the coast and the river for their livelihoods.

We also know that BP have a bad record for pollution - remember the Deepwater Horizon spill?  And that was in an area where the infrastructure was in place to deal with a spill - and still they failed to do so.  Imagine what would happen in an area like this where the infrastructure isn't there to clean up the mess?