Manchester Barclays Stop Pipelines hand-in

27 July, 2018 - 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM BST
Barclay's Bank, Market Street M1 1PD
Event type:
Street campaigning
5 persons are going

Oil companies are running out of easily accessible oil, so up in Canada they are boiling up the ground to extract the bitumen that is mixed in with the sand and clay. The air turns toxic, the ground is contaminated and the oil that comes out is twice as bad for the climate as ordinary crude oil. 

This is the reality of Tar Sands.

They're completely useless in the middle of Alberta, so that’s where the pipelines come in, carrying the oil through forests, over rivers and through Indigenous land. In doing so, it threatens Indigenous communities, water, wildlife and our shared climate. These are the toxic pipelines Barclays is still choosing to fund, and that we need to stop.

We have been collecting messages to Barclays and on Friday 27th July we will be handing them in.

Meet at Cafe Nero in Piccadilly Gardens at 4:30PM and we will head to Barclays on Market Street to hand the petiton in at about 5PM.