Lincoln - Barclays customer letter hand-in

3 November, 2018 - 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM GMT
High St Lincoln High Street 316-318 LN5 7DP
2 persons are going


Thanks for signing up to take part in this activity. We’ve got an ongoing campaign calling on Barclays to commit to stop funding tar sands pipelines in the future. Tar sands are one of the most polluting forms of oil extraction and Barclays is the only UK bank still committed to funding them.

Over 6,000 Barclays customers have pledged to consider leaving the bank and they are the people Barclays are most likely to listen to. We’d love Branch Managers to hear concerns first hand from people they serve and this is where you come in!

For anyone involved, please read the document linked to below which contains some information about the campaign.

For customers new to the Local Group or who haven’t done anything like this before

Rest-assured you’ll be supported by one or more regular Greenpeace volunteers. Please ensure you RSVP (orange button on the right of this page) to let the group know you’re coming.

The time given for this activity includes a short amount of time to meet other volunteers and discuss any questions before visiting the local branch.

Activity on the day

The time and location listed on this event are accurate, so please arrive on time at the location specified. If you have any questions or would like to contact the event organiser (name is given above) you’ll need to create a Greenwire account, which is very quick to set up.

Look out for someone wearing a Greenpeace logo – they should be easy to spot!

Contact Ed Fuller in the Greenpeace UK Outreach team at if you have any questions before the activity.