Lady Godiva rides Gloucester

29 April, 2017 - 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM BST
Gloucester Cross, Northgate / Westgate Streets, GL1 2AP
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The legendary Lady Godiva rode naked through Coventry in the 11th Century protesting the plight of local taxpayers, clothed only in her long hair. Next Saturday April 29th, local "Toxin Free" activist Anna from Minchinhampton will appear on a beautiful white horse, similarly unclothed, at a rally at the Cross in the centre of Gloucester to protest the plight of Gloucestershire taxpayers if the Javelin Park incinerator goes ahead, and to call for construction to be halted and the project cancelled. Lady Godiva's main concern is that burning waste, especially plastics, creates dioxins and furans, two of the most toxic and carcinogenic compounds known to man. Incinerator filters regularly fail, and some of these particles cannot be filtered at all. They are breathed in and also passed from grazing animals into the food chain. With 20,000 children attending school within 5 miles of the plant why would anyone even risk creating these poisons when there are healthier options available which cost much less? "We must act to protect our families, our communities and our animals" says Lady Godiva.

  NB Rally attendees are invited to take inspiration from the Mexican Day of the Dead (originally an early summer celebration) - skulls evoke the toxic risk, flowers the health/nature we wish to protect...   Facebook event page -   Contact Jojo Mehta 07746 395323 for further info.   NB. This is not a Greenpeace event, but Greenpeace has historically campaigned against waste incineration, in the UK and internationally.