GP Shoreditch Shoppers' Revolt Phase 2 - FINALE

23 February, 2019 - 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM GMT
Islington Green Upper Street N1 8DU
15 persons are going

We have been running numerous activities to support GP's Shoppers' Revolt and now it is time for the finale!

We all know how harmful plastic is, and we all know the power UK supermarkets have to reduce their overall consumption drastically.

Within the UK the grocery retail sector is the largest user of plastic packaging, generating over 800,000 tons a year. A supermarket is where most people purchase single use plastic packaging and they have the power to greatly reduce the amount they use.

We have been collecting plastic from shoppers as they leave the store and asking them to write a note that we will attach to the plastic. But why? Come along and find out!

Join us on Saturday 23 February. We'll be meeting on Islington Green (N1 2XN) at 14:00 for a full briefing. The event will last until approximately 15:00.

Look forward to seeing you then!