Global Antarctic Action

20 January, 2018 - 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM GMT
Cobbler's Last, Abington st., Northampton Abington Street NN1 2AP
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On Saturday​ ​20th​ ​January​, coinciding with Penguin Awareness Day, we will have a Global Day​ ​of​ ​Action,​ ​to raise awareness and kickstart a global movement of people pushing for an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary. We need YOU to help us make this happen!" -

We'll most likely gather at the Cobbler's Last outside the Grosvner Center in Abington treet and do some of the below:

Let me know if you can make it- likely to be a bit short on numbers....


Also planning a curry Tue 9th Jan- evening to discuss plans- see event post


Global​ ​Day​ ​of​ ​Action
On Saturday​ ​20th​ ​January,​ ​we would love you to organise fun, penguin-themed, visual activities aiming to involve as many people as possible, draw some attention from the public and get some great photos and videos that we can use on social media. We’ve included some suggestions below but we’d love you to use your imagination and come up with your own ideas. We​ ​will​ ​be​ ​providing​ ​you​ ​with​ ​penguin​ ​masks,​ ​signs​ ​and​ ​banners,​ as well as other materials (listed below), to help make this as easy as possible. The ideal event would run something like this:
1. Gather people together for a briefing
2. Put on penguin masks
3. Do your visual activity/photo op
4. Get some great photos and/or video footage
5. Gather petition sign ups from members of the public
6. Post your best photos/video on social media and send to us.


Activity​ ​ideas​:
● Penguin flashmob, where lots of people in penguin masks and black and white clothing invade a town square or similar open space, to create a visual spectacle.
● Choreographed penguin walk (March of the Penguins/Waddle for Weddell?)
● Simplified dance step (here’s some inspiration: Mary Poppins/Dick Van Dyke dance, Happy Feet)
● Or you could ask people to form a circle, to represent the outline of the sanctuary in the Weddell Sea. If you put the banner inside the circle of people in penguin masks, that could create a nice photo.