Exhibition: The Lark Descending (Dorking)

10 May, 2018 - 6:00 PM BST to 27 May, 2018 - 5:00 PM BST
The former Body Shop Church Street RH4 1UX
Event type:
Art performance or exhibit
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Local artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey have been invited by Surrey Hills Arts to mount an exhibition using the theme Surrey Unearthed. They have chosen to focus on the threat to nearby Leith Hill posed by possible oil drilling. Heather and Dan exhibit their work all round the world, but still find time to be active supporters of A Voice for Leith Hill.

They write:

"Our exhibition is part of a larger initiative commissioned by Ali Clarke, Programme Manager at Surrey Hills Arts, titled Surrey Unearthed for 10 artists (the majority based in the county) to respond to specific locations throughout Surrey. http://www.surreyunearthed.org

The place of choice for us, of course, (how could it not be?) is Leith Hill.

Conceptually, we’re structuring our commission in descending layers: air | terra | soil | water | clay | oil

Art works will accrue in the space as the exhibition progresses, and throughout the exhibition there will be interactions and talks, please check out the Events page on the website for updates and we’ll set up a Loomio page with details and dates.

This is the first event. http://www.surreyunearthed.org/terra-ackroyd-harvey/

The opening artwork will be a large photographic photosynthesis work - yesterday at dawn we were on the hill with a cameraman and drone to get some bird-eye shots.

We would very much like to create interactions with protectors and the public, and have committed Saturday 19 May to have a day dedicated to campaign work. Please let us know who is up for this."

The exhibition will open with a reception 6pm to 8pm on 10th May, with a specailly commissioned live performance at 7pm by artist/composer Graeme Miller and violinist Calina de la Mare at 7pm.

PS This photo was created by Dan Harvey using the statue of composer Ralph Vaughan Williams outside Dorking Halls. Vaughan Williams was of course the composer of "The Lark Ascending". We have to hope there'll be no drilling rig ascending Leith Hill.