Boreal forest photo op campaign in Nottingham - bring your camera

20 May, 2017 - 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM BST
Costa Coffee (meeting place) Goldsmith Street NG1 4BU Nottingham
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Photo Opportunity
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Greenpeace is asking all its supporters to stand in solidarity with their offices in Canada and the USA.  International logging giant Resolute Forest Products is suing Greenpeace US and Greenpeace Canada  in two separate multimillion dollar law suits which would have serious consequences for Greenpeace in those two countries but also globally, preventing Greenpeace from carrying out its mission to ensure a green and peaceful world.  On top of that, it would send the message that any multinational could get away with environmental destruction simply by suing environmental NGO's like Greenpeace.

Around the world Greenpeace supporters will be taking photographs of themselves gathering at beautiful trees in a show of defiance and determination. A selection of the photos will be used by Greenpeace to send to some of the largest publishing houses in the world who use paper from Resolute and have the power and influence to move Resolute to become a responsible company.

As part of this campaign, Nottingham Greenpeace will be going to the Arboretum in Nottingham to take pictures of us and you and yoru families and friends.  We will ask you to send your photos to this Googledrive folder along with the location, the date and the name of the photographer .  Photos must be of high resolution (at least 300dpi).  We would encourage you to also use your photo in social media to highlight the campaign.

You can download and print off a banner here

We will meet at Costa Coffee on Goldsmith Street, opposite the Boots Library of Nottingham Trent University then it is a short walk to the Arboretum.

If this is inconvenient for you please do take a photo of yourseif and your friends with a beautiful tree at a time that suits you but we would love to make this an opportunity to meet you and say hello