Greenpeace UK incineration campaign 2000 - 2002 : supporting documents

These documents explaining the human health, pollution and financial impacts of waste incineration underpinned Greenpeace UK's campaign from 2000 to 2002 against the building of new incinerators in reaction to the EU Landfill Directive and the Landfill Tax imposed in the UK. Although the basic information is still current, if these documents are used for reference, their date of publication should be kept in mind and allowance made for changes which may have occurred.

Press releases etc were also issued to support Greenpeace UK direct actions to close the incinerators at Sheffield, Edmonton, and SLCHP (London), and the site of a half-built incinerator at Chineham near Basingstoke.

Local authorities in the UK were sent documents outlining how they could comply with the Landfill Directive without using incineration. (See

The concept of Zero Waste was also promoted using publications and a conference (February 2002) at the University of Sussex.