The weather was certainly in our favour today ...

... when we set up our stall outside Boots in Dundee. Unlike last week, which bore an uncanny and unwelcome resemblance to Antarctica itself, complete with biting icy wind. Today could not have been more of a contrast, making people much more willing to stop and engage in a bit of krill talk. We even had some musical accompaniment from a van in the city square opposite, and it would be fair to say we started off in a festival atmosphere. Even the penguins were dancing! 

We soon collected a large number of krill with names on, all voting for the ocean sanctuary. That was just as well, since shortly afterwards, we had serious competition from members of a Gospel church, with a tinny but very loud microphone. And a strong evangelical message, intended to have any non-believer quaking in their boots. The penguins grew nervous and twitchy. This was interrupting their usual communication patterns. The preaching went on for nearly an hour, interspersed with some happy-clappy singing, until a lone piper came along and proceded to start up a very welcome skirl on the bagpipes. We decided this was the final cue to leave and prepared to hand in our letter and krill-poll, indicating a 100% vote in favour of an ocean sanctuary.

On our way through the store to ask for the manager, we had a quick check to see what krill products were still on sale. To our surprise, two of the lines still had their stickers on from two weeks previously. Obviously not very good sellers!