Visiting a School Fundraiser!

Recently, Parkside Community College got in touch with Greenpeace because some of their students were fundraising for Greenpeace and they wondered if anyone was available to come along. Cambridge Greenpeace were thrilled to take part! A group of five of us went along last wednesday, including our penguin (Oh, in case you haven't heard, we have a penguin now. We did a video, which you can see here: )

We took some props from a few of our campaigns, including the current Coke photoboard, and a large cardboard Washing Machine we made for the Seimens campaign, as well as loads of stickers and leaflets. The kids had designed their own greenpeace T-Shirts (Ocean themed, very appropriate and so cute!) and set up a cake stall, a volcano, and a cardboard oil rig for people to throw water balloons at!

It was during a break time, so there was a short, manic rush of loads of students flooding out and seeing what was going on. We handed out stickers and leaflets, and a lot of kids seemed really interested in the coke campaign. 

It went really well, and the teacher in charge said she'd like to work with us again, so here's hoping!