UK Air Pollution Breached

Mary Poppins was spotted soaring above Yorkshire Coast areas this week as annual UK air pollution limits were broken only 5 days into 2017 !

Under EU rules, any single location in the UK is only allowed to breach hourly limits of 200 micrograms of NO2 18 times a year.  But Brixton Road in London, broke that limit for the 19th time last week. 

Mary, supported by Greenpeace is calling on politicians to end the sale of new diesel cars, most of which pump out between 2 – 15 times the legal limits, and push manufacturers to shift to hybrid and electric vehicles.  We need #cleanairnow

Doctors health professionals and campaigners have all spoken out about the devastating impact of air pollution on human health, especially children’s.

In November 2016, the High Court ruled for the second time in 18 months that the government is not doing enough to combat the air pollution crisis.

Tom, a Yorkshire Coast Greenpeace volunteer, reported that Snainton, a village just outside Scarborough, has a high NO2 reading which the council is 'monitoring'.  However, on further enquiry, the last Air Quality Progress Report for Whitby, Scarborough and Filey, was undertaken in 2013.  Staff cuts have meant there is no dedicated post to do this.  

Please sign and share the petition to call for #cleanairnow