Tesco Shoppers Pull Off The Pointless Plastic #ShoppersRevolt

On Sunday the 27th of January we held our first shopper’s revolt outside the Tesco supermarket in Bridlington. With the stall set up directly outside the entrance we were able to assist the customers by helping them return their pointless-plastic back to Tesco. A combination of teamwork along with a friendly approach sparked the passion for change in many customers who had completed their shop or who were just about to head inside.

The very moment we explained what we were doing people were unpacking their plastic-wrapped apples, bananas, peppers, peaches, beans, tomatoes…  Everything they could in order we could return it back to Tesco on their behalf. Customers were stapling their direct messages to these unnecessary pieces of packaging and even signed our petition if they had the time.

With Tesco’s permission secured we will continue with our efforts before the big drop-off.