Stand with Standing Rock

Right now in a place called Stand Rock in North Dakota, USA people are protecting their clean water supplies, by peacefully protesting against plans to build an oil pipeline across the land that belongs to them. These people are from the Sioux tribe the and the land is their reservation, the company, Energy Transfers Partners wants to build the 1,200 mile long pipeline from the Bakken oilfields situated in North Dakota to a distribution centre in Illinois.

Once again we are seeing the lengths to which companies with the support of governmental officials are willing to go to ensure that they profit from all the fossil fuels that they can get their hands on.  This is nothing new; the fossil fuel industry has always been built on this blatant disregard for where people live and their quality of life - most of the countries in the underdeveloped world have been mined for these resources. 

So why is this so different?  It is different because our world is warming and we cannot afford to remove any more fossil fuels from the ground if we want to leave a habitable planet for future generations and because people have had enough of pipelines that leak and ruin water supplies.  Hundreds people across America including other Native American tribes have joined the protest, and they are supported by thousands more across the world.

Follow the protest via social media using: #NODAPL #WATERISLIFE #WATERPROTECTORS #STANDINGROCK