Shoppers ditch pointless plastic at Sainsbury's - Huddersfield

We had a great day in Huddersfield asking shoppers to tell Sainsbury's to ditch pointless plastic packaging. 

Over the past year, plastic as an issue has snowballed, with public awareness at an all-time high. ‘Singleuse’ was named as the word of the year 2018 and the pulse of the single-use plastics issue is now firmly on supermarkets. A supermarket is where most people experience plastic packaging and they have the power to greatly reduce the amount they use. Last year, Iceland announced they intend to eliminate all single-use plastic packaging in their own brands by 2023. Other supermarkets have made some small changes since then but none have yet made significant commitments to end their reliance on throwaway plastic packaging, making it incredibly hard for shoppers to avoid. We are therefore calling on all major supermarkets to urgently reduce their plastic footprints. Greenpeace is asking supermarkets to embrace their vital role in stemming the tide of single-use plastic packaging that pollutes our oceans by:

● Introducing transparency by yearly reporting on single-use plastic use

● Setting yearly targets to reduce their single-use plastic footprint

● Urgently eliminating unnecessary and non-recyclable plastic packaging by the end of 2019

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