Rang Tan comes to Backwell

I was at Backwell CofE Junior School this morning speaking in the morning assembly of 270 years 3-6 pupils. This was the first school to accept my offer of giving the new Rainforests talk featuring the baby orangutan called Rang Tan.  The talk includes a short annimation narrated by Emma Thompson and also ends by offering the pupils the chance to take part in a nationwide poster competition.  I'd not used the material before but was pleased with how well it went and indeed how much the pupils already knew about the Rainforests.  The pupils are going to design the posters at home and bring them in by the end of the week, I'll then photograph them and return them - it gives the pupils more time and Backwell is just a couple of miles from Nailsea where I live. Oh and if you've not seen the video then you can watch it here:-  https://youtu.be/TQQXstNh45g