Picton Street Christmas fayre get a visit from an Orangutan

Bristol Greenpeace volunteers were at the Picton Street Christmas Fayre today drawing attention to the rainforest destruction,  killing of orangutans and forest fires resulting from OREOs use of dirty palm oil.

Indonesia’s rainforests are the lungs of our planet and our strongest defence against climate change. They are also home to iconic wildlife including orangutans and birds of paradise. But these amazing forests are being cleared to make room for palm oil plantations.

Palm oil can be made without destroying rainforests and MONDELEZ the makers of OREOs made a promise in 2010 that it would stop buying palm oil from producers that destroyed rainforests, but a recent Greenpeace investigation revealed 22 of 25 forest destroyers are still in its supply chain. OREO is the world’s biggest selling cookie and MONDELEZ has a responsibility to ensure that the palm oil it uses in OREOS is not causing rainforest destruction, which not only endangers orangutans but threatens the climate.

You can help us by signing the petition at www.greenpeace.org/dropdirtypalmoil

Thanks to Carol, Fi, Doug, Loz, Richard B and Richard L for taking part in today's campaigning and for Richard L, Doug and Loz for doing very passable Orangutan impressions!