Penguins and Boots shoppers in Huddersfield join Huddersfield Greenpeace to call on UK retailer to stop endangering the Antarctic

Penguins and Boots shoppers in Huddersfield join Huddersfield Greenpeace to call on UK retailer to stop endangering the Antarctic

14th April 2018/King Street, Huddersfield

Huddersfield Greenpeace have surveyed local Boots customers at the King Street Boots branch, which revealed that the vast majority of Boots customers in Huddersfield oppose their stocking of krill-based products like krill oil and omega-3 pills which threaten the entire Antarctic ecosystem.  

Huddersfield Greenpeace’s survey revealed that Boots customers in Huddersfield overwhelmingly oppose the retailer’s role in fuelling industrial krill fishing in environmentally sensitive Antarctic waters. Boots is the second leading stockist of krill-based products in the UK, selling their own-brand krill-based products and various other brands’ krill products which are sourced from vessels fishing in areas of the Antarctic identified by world-leading scientists as needing protection, including around the Antarctic Peninsula.

Krill underpins the entire Antarctic ecosystem. This tiny, shrimp-like animal is the bedrock of the Antarctic food chain, providing vital sustenance for larger Antarctic life like whales and penguins. The UK is a nascent market for krill oil products, fuelling an expanding Antarctic krill fishing industry, which already exploits areas needing protection to maintain a healthy Antarctic ecosystem.

Jeff Rice, a local Greenpeace volunteer, commented:

“We stand a good chance of gaining protection for a certain area of the Antarctic Ocean this year. Boots needs to ensure that any krill products they stock don’t come from these sensitive areas that have been outlined for protection.”

Huddersfield Greenpeace’s survey showed that the majority of Boots customers in Huddersfield disapprove of the retailer’s role in fuelling the Antarctic krill fishing industry. Residents of Huddersfield who shop at Boots have sent them a clear message: Stop endangering the Antarctic’s ecosystem and get on board with plans to protect the Antarctic Ocean.

Jeff Rice continued:  

“Holland & Barrett have committed not to stock krill oil products from krill caught in sensitive areas. Boots customers want them to follow Holland & Barrett’s lead.”

Greenpeace has been campaigning globally since January to protect the Antarctic Ocean by creating the world’s largest protected area, an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary. The proposed sanctuary would be the largest protected area in the world, covering an area five times the size of Germany. The Antarctic Ocean Commission, of which the UK government is part, will meet in October to decide whether the proposed Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary will become a reality.

Jeff Rice, Greenpeace volunteer, added:  

“We need the Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary. Let’s leave some krill for the penguins and whales to eat.”

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