Outside HSBC campaigning to save the rainforests


Despite the cold weather, five of the Preston Greenpeace group went to campaign outside the local HSBC bank.  The HSBC  fund companies that are destroying the rainforests of Indonesia, causing devastation to both the animals and humans that live there.  The companies they are funding are trashing the rainforests and turning them over to plant palm oil.  Not only are we losing the rainforests, but the palm oil industry is leaving these vast areas vulnerable to forest fires.  It is estimated that the damage done already is implicated in over 100,000 deaths.  

We stood outside tha bank for a couple of hours, trying to engage the public, but sadly, we met with a lot of "not today thanks" and "sorry, I'm in a hurry". Some stopped to talk and 43 sent messages for us to deliver to the bank.  Hopefully, those that got away might one day look back and remember the message we were trying to send them, and actively do something - we live in hope! However, for the forty three that took the time to ask HSBC to do the right thing and not fund palm oil farming in the Indonesian rain forests - we went into the bank to pass on their messages. The bank manager didn't want to accept the giant cheque offering the messages - but he did take the messages, saying he knew why we were there.

I am trying to write blogs that don't start with - it was a lovely day, but somehow, whatever the time of year, the sun seems to come out to join us.  We were expecting the tail end of hurricane Doris today, but again it was a lovely sunny day!  Now, if I can just remember how to tweet...