New Opportunities – Antarctic Sanctuary Stall

As the ice melts around Antarctica as a result of Climate Change the ocean is being accessed by commercial fishing especially Krill fisheries.  Krill is an important food source for whales, seals, penguins and the region's albatrosses and petrels and if the industrial scale fishing is allowed to carry on their numbers will start to drop.

Germany has proposed that an Antarctic sanctuary be created in the Weddell Sea, next to the Antarctic Peninsula and is backed by the EU and the UK government.  The governing body for managing marine recourses around the White Continent, the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) will make the final decision, made up of 24 member states (which include Germany and the UK) and the European Union.  

This is the latest Greenpeace International campaign, and we have set up a petition to put pressure on the other member states agree to the creation of the Weddell Sea sanctuary. 

On Saturday I was joined by Kate, Ruth and Debbie for our first Antarctic sanctuary Stall in Hexham and within a two hour period got 33 signatures for the petition to protect the waters of the Weddell Sea.  It was a typically cold Northumbrian morning, but despite the freezing temperatures there was lots of interest in the Penguins that were occupying the main shopping street and many people stopped to find out more and discuss the implications.

Local teachers and parents stopped to discuss the book Dear Greenpeace, which is being taught in local schools and a few people were also interested in joining Tynedale Greenpeace.  All in all despite the near Antarctic temperatures we all had a good morning campaigning to protect the Weddell Sea. 

Sign the petition here:

Pictures from the day to follow soon.........