My reasons

My first blog! AH! 

I have decided to become involved with Greenpeace because of a message. A message from one of my idols, Sir David Attenborough, at the end of his incredible Planet Earth 2 series ( how good was that?!) 

The message is simple but powerful; we all have a responsibility. A responsibility to save and preserve this planet, both for us and for the incredible creatures that live alongside us. So I thought it was about time that I took my responsibility more seriously. 

The creatures and habitats of this world astound me, both in beauty and behavior. We humans have a choice: to protect or destroy. The thought of us humans contributing to the destruction of a species or habitat makes me so sad, particularly as we have so much power to prevent this. 

I still have lots to learn about the natural world but I shall research as much as I can and aim to help as much as I can! And I cant wait!! 

Let the journey begin!