Minutes for May 2019 Eastbourne Greenpeace meeting

Eastbourne Greenpeace Minutes for May 2019


Present - Evie, Anya, Philippa. Graeme David, Jane, Natalie, Linda


Minutes - Natalie, Chair - Evie


Apologies, Chris, Sheridan, Ollie, Rebekka, Ellis, Grant, Adrian 


Buddy System - we questioned if this was a need as we are a small group and feed back from new member is they feel welcome, we decided that if any new person came, the person next to them would keep an eye on them.


Carnival - outfits coming along nicely, Natalie has made a great dress made out of plastic Crisp packets, trying to get a Orangutang outfit from head office, and we have other things people can wear, who else is coming?  If you don’t want to dress up that is fine, we need people in tabards s well.  Meet 1pm by the grand hotel on 25th May, Evie will post on WhatsApp group to say what number entry we are so you can find us.  Do we need another meeting 21st May at Evie’s?


Supermarket campaign - action at Sainsbury's head office in Holborn on 29th April.  A successful action 10 trollies of single use plastic were returned with 2,000 comments from customers (100 of which were collected in Newhaven by us last month), asking Sainsbury's to stop using single use plastic as they ‘couldn’t care less’.  This is the end of the campaign for the Local Groups at the moment and HQ sent thanks for hard work.  HQ will maintain pressure on  Sainsbury’s and others and publish new 2019 plastic league table in summer. Updates with any big developments will follow!


Esperanza - Protect Our Oceans Campaign.  Evie went up to help and said it was great fun. We will put pressure on decision makers in UK to lead the charge at the UN for a strong global oceans treaty, protecting at least 30% of the global oceans by 2030. The local groups campaign will start on the 8th June for World Oceans Day, where we (along with 44 of our other offices internationally) will be creating human waves (feat. blue face paint!). We’ll also be launching the public engagement campaign that day, collecting messages to decision-makers to pressure them to lead. 


DIARY DATES - Campaign launch is on 8th June and pencil in a campaign video call for the 16th May at 6.30pm – Greenwire event for it to follow shortly.


Climate change - the surveys are being looked and all info will be pulled together in the next few months. 


Greenpeace’s Climate Manifesto – lists over 130 key actions that must be taken across a huge range of sectors to ensure the UK hits zero carbon emissions as soon as possible. You can read an overview of it here -  https://www.greenpeace.org.uk/climatemanifesto/


Creative Ideas welcome for how to implement the actions outlined in the manifesto at a local level please post ideas to the new climate change campaign group on Greenwire or contact Evie


Climate protests – April saw mass protests in London and other cities, Evie, Rob and Anya went up to London and visited the Extinction Rebellion site at Marble Arch and said they were very organised.  Teenage climate campaigner Greta Thunberg’s visit to parliament to address politicians and school strikes going from strength to strength. The next Eastbourne school strike is at 1pm on 24th May, meet in Terminus road between Barclays and National Westminster.  Adults welcome. 


New Extinction rebellion group set up in Hailsham


On the 22nd May Eastbourne Borough council will be discussing where they will declare a limited emergency.  Please go along tot the Town hall at 5.30 to support the motion.


BP AGM – We’re after 20 or so volunteers for an activity at BP’s AGM in Aberdeen on Tuesday 21st May. Please get in touch with Evie for more information if you are available


The Environment Bill - a once in a generation opportunity to improve our environmental protections. We’re calling for a strong, independent Watchdog to hold the Government to account on the environment, a target to phase-out production of single-use plastic, and targets to clean up our air, water and soil, and restore nature. We’re also calling for the UK to reach net zero by 2025.

We're working with other environmental organisations to hold a mass lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 26th June - if you can go, please sign up - 


Then complete this https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/masslobby - expenses are available for this. 



Plastics – Rivers, our science lab have been doing lots of testing in local rivers which will form the basis of our compelling argument to create a strong an robust environment bill - 21st September is National clean up date, if you know of any organisations or local contacts who have direct connections with rivers in this area, please let Evie know.


Festival volunteering - Deposit Return Schemes at six UK festivals - Download, Community, Wireless, Latitude, Reading & Leeds running a Deposit Return Scheme for plastic cups and bottles in exchange for cash. Any volunteer over the age of 18 can apply - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/RTSN65X. If you have any questions, email drsuk@greenpeace.org.


Online training - this has been launched for new and existing volunteers. You can find out more https://greenwire.greenpeace.org/uk/en-gb/blogs/online-training-volunteers. You may recognise the cover photo


Lewes plastic free event - 1st June in Lewes town hall - Linda told us about this and said we could possible have a stall, she will find out if there is one free then will check for everyone’s availability. 


Summer social - we discussed a provisional date of 14th July.  Meet for picnic ad games in old town rec, or at Evie’s if weather is bad. Details to be confirmed, please let Evie know if you can make it.


Steam punk festival  - usually beginning of September, more details to follow


Matthew 25 event - more info to follow 


Date of next meeting 7.30, 4th June