Huddersfield Greenpeace volunteers invite Sainsburys customers to use paper bags instead of Sainsburys own plastic bags

5th May 2018/Huddersfield - Sainsbury’s, Southgate, Huddersfield HD1 6QR.

Greenpeace volunteers in Huddersfield have offered sustainably sourced recycled paper bags at Sainsbury’s in Huddersfield to use instead of the stores own plastic bags for fruit and veg.

The group set up a communication stall outside of the entrance to Sainsbury’s.

Customers are often only provided with single-use plastic bags for buying loose fruit and vegetables and these plastic bags are usually used once and disposed of. People who try to avoid the excessive packaging of fruit and vegetables in multiple layers of plastic trays and wrapping by choosing loose produce, often find they have to buy their loose fruit and vegetables in a plastic bag anyway. Greenpeace volunteers have been visiting retailers all across the country today to give customers another option which won’t exacerbate the ocean plastic problem.

Jeff Rice, a volunteer with Huddersfield Greenpeace, said:

“Plastic pollution in our oceans is a huge problem. Supermarkets can do so much to help tackle the problem. We thought we’d take the initiate and offer some paper bags to Sainsbury’s customers for them to use with fruit and veg.”

Huddersfield Greenpeace were joined by Greenpeace groups across the UK in sending this message to supermarket chains.

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