Huddersfield Greenpeace calls on OREO to Drop Dirty Palm Oil


Huddersfield Greenpeace calls on OREO to stop using palm oil from forest destroyers. On Tuesday, local Greenpeace volunteers joined people from across the world to say that rainforest destruction for palm oil has got to stop now. 


Huddersfield Greenpeace volunteers set up an ‘Oreo vault’ in St George’s Square to show OREO’S true flavours - rainforest destruction, endangered orangutans and forest fires. They invited members of the public in Huddersfield to have their photo taken calling on OREO to drop dirty palm oil.


Jeff Rice, a Greenpeace volunteer from Huddersfield, said: “We need rainforests, Orangutans need rainforest and the climate needs rainforest. It’s such a no-brainer and the people of Huddersfield really get it.”


‘‘In Huddersfield we all love OREOS but rainforest destruction for the palm oil used to make them leaves a bad taste in our mouths. That’s why here in Huddersfield we’re calling on OREO to drop dirty palm oil”


Greenpeace is campaigning in Huddersfield, and across the world, to ensure that major brands such as MONDELEZ, who make OREOS, stop buying palm oil from companies linked to rainforest destruction.


Indonesia’s rainforests are the lungs of our planet and our strongest defence against climate change. They are also home to iconic wildlife including orangutans and birds of paradise. But these amazing forests are being cleared to make room for palm oil plantations.


Palm oil is a vegetable oil found in lots of the products sold right here on our local high street, including chocolate bars, biscuits, soaps and shampoo. But palm oil can be made without destroying rainforests.


MONDELEZ made a promise in 2010 that it would stop buying palm oil from producers that destroyed rainforests, but a recent Greenpeace investigation revealed 22 of 25 forest destroyers are still in its supply chain. OREO is the world’s biggest selling cookie and MONDELEZ has a responsibility to ensure that the palm oil it uses in OREOS is not causing rainforest destruction, which not only endangers orangutans but threatens the climate.


Jeff Rice continued:


“I hope everyone in Huddersfield who loves OREOS will call on MONDELEZ to clean up its act by signing the Greenpeace petition [1] and joining people around the world calling for OREO to drop dirty palm oil now.’’



[1] Sign the petition at