Home from home - Italy, Dundee, Antarctica?

"Today was my first experience with my Greenpeace local group in Dundee. I joined Greenpeace nearly one year ago in Italy and since then I’ve done many things in order to understand which is my perfect place inside the organization. I’ve taken part in many workshops and manifestations in my country. However, before moving to Dundee I was a little bit afraid that I couldn’t do the same amount of things due to University and to the fact that I was in a completely new environment.

I joined the group exactly two days after I arrived, it was a little bit difficult to understand everything at first, but after a while I started feeling comfortable, like nothing changed. Greenpeace was one of my reference points in Italy and it’s the same now that I live in Scotland. I think this is one of the most striking peculiarities of our organization, you will feel part of it all around the world. Because Greenpeace IS all around the world, and it doesn’t really matter if you are in Mexico or in China, we all share a common mission and a common belief. We all believe that the world needs to be protected, all the world. And today we dressed up as penguins to demonstrate this, that even if we don’t live in Antarctica, even if we are 9101 miles away from there, we all care about protecting it. I think that this is the exact spirit that Greenpeace incarnates. Today I felt like I was in Artactica (yeah, maybe because it was a little bit too cold) with all the rest of volunteers I know, both from Italy and from Scotland. What I understood is that Greenpeace will always be like home for me, wherever I will be."

Blog by Jacopo Razzauti