Heroes at Strawberry Fair!

Hey kids, you know what's cool? Saving the GOSH-DARNED WORLD. That's the message we've been trying to spread anyway. Let me explain...

Saturday the 2nd of June was Cambridge's annual 'Strawberry Fair', a huge celebration of nature and wildness and green thinking. For the last couple of years we've been offered space to have a stall, allowing us to present our campaigns in a green space with a steady flow of people. It's a great chance to engage with lots of people and have real, passionate conversations with people that care, who aren't heading through town in a rush, they're there to have fun and take an interest in things like, well, us!

We planned to show up with our Ocean Plastics campaign, our Antarctic Sanctuary leaflets, some biscuits and bags to give out, everything we've got going on right now in one big stall for all to see. But then came a surprise. This year had a theme, it turned out. We were told, without much notice, that our stall should ideally, be superhero themed. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Cue two frantic weeks of design, craft, and recruitment of extra help. A team of heroes focused on Greenpeace Campaigns and Ideals were born, masks were bought, costumes were created, goods were baked, and guides to saving the world through greener living were constructed. 

In true superhero fashion, the odds stacked themselves against us. Delays, technical faults, GDPR, weather concerns, a failing voice, costume malfunctions and fixes, people having to drop out last minute, you name it, we faced it. With just over an hour to go before we were meant to start, a lot of things seemed to be going wrong.

But we did it.

It went really well! We had plenty to occupy people at the stall, with our tabbarded team getting great engagement and deep, spirited conversations from the public throughout the day, an active art corner where kids had fun making masks, and heroes who drew people in, got the crowd excited and did a wonderful job recruiting kids as heroes for the planet and keeping a positive, buzzing energy going around the stall all day.

There aren't strong enough words to convey my gratitude and appreciation to everyone that helped make the stall so utterly, completely fantastic, but I have to give a special shout out to Katie, for running our art corner so superbly, she was sunshine in a cape, and Ash and Cameron, our wonderful eco-heroes, who gave such energy and dedication to their roles and performances, and to the stall, and without whom we couldn't have been so, well, super!

We had such a positive reaction from the public, people seemed to really get on board with the theme and the ideas behind it, and our campaigns meshed so well with easy acts of heroism like recycling and eating less meat, I don't think anybody could tell we hadnt always planned it like that from the start.

See, that's the thing about Greenpeace. We don't actually need a theme to show we're super. Saving the world is what we do.