Festival DRS - FAQ

All the questions you might have are answered here! I will keep updating this as more people ask questions.

Q: What day and time do I need to arrive at the festival site?

A: You need to arrive the day before your first shift to meet the team, get acquainted with the site, pitch your tent and take part in a full briefing. Most festivals are 3-day festivals so you would need to arrive on the Thursday between 3pm and 6pm. Latitude is a 4-day festival so you need to arrive on the Wednesday between 3pm and 6pm. Community and Wireless are London festivals with no camping so you need to arrive in the morning of the first day of the festival (exact time will be confirmed nearer the time). See the below table for festival by festival info.

Q: When can we leave the festival site to go home?

A: You will be able to leave after you have completed your last shift on the last day . Shift times are still to be confirmed but some shifts will finish on the evening of the last day. This could be as late as 11pm. Most volunteers choose to stay until the following day (typically the Monday morning) to allow for time to pack down. This means you can also relax and enjoy your last evening. At the London festivals, where there is no camping, you will have to leave at the end of the day.

Q: Some people seem to have heard from you but not me. Does this mean I've not been selected ?

A: Not necessarily! We are dealing with a big number of volunteers across several festivals so we are prioritising. What this means is that we are selecting the team for Download first as this is the first festival in the calendar. Once we have selected the team for Download, we will look at the other festivals. We will get back to everyone individually, whether we are offering you a place or not. We aim to reply to everyone by the end of May at the latest for the June-July festivals and by the end of June for the August festivals.

Q: How can I get to the festival?

A: The greenest way to travel is by public transport. However, if you have to travel by car, please pool with others. Use the Greenwire group and this website: https://gocarshare.com/ to find other volunteers to pool with. Please send us your registration number (if you haven't already). Please ensure you allow plenty of time to arrive on time and expect queues. If you’re coming by train or coach, please ensure that you have planned and allowed time for your journey from the station to the site. We advise procuring a shuttle bus schedule in advance. 

Q: Will Greenpeace pay for my train ticket / petrol?

A:Travel is reimbursed up to £20 if you volunteer for the whole weekend. For those driving, fuel is reimbursed at 30p per mile (up to £20) – so please record your mileage.  Please email travel receipts and your bank details to DRSFestivals [dot] uk [at] greenpeace [dot] org after the festival. 

Q: Will you be sending me a ticket to access the festival?

A: No, no tickets will be sent to you. Instead, you will meet the Greenpeace DRS coordinator at one of the gates (which will be confirmed nearer the time). They will then give you a staff wristband which will allow you to go in and out the festival site and also onto reserved areas like crew camping.

Q: Where will we sleep?

A: Volunteers will be camping in the staff campsite where there will be access to showers and toilets. You will need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag and camping equipment. Please keep your camping footprint to a minimum by bringing a tent that is proportional to the number of people sleeping in it. For the two festivals held in Finsbury Park (London), there is no camping so you will have to leave and go home (or wherever you are staying) at the end of each day. Unfortunately, Greenpeace cannot help with accommodation.

Q: Where will we eat?

A: This year's food arrangement are still to be confirmed but they should be similar to last year's. In a nutshell, you will be provided with 2 meals a day. Please bring breakfast items (such as fruit, muesli bars, crackers and snacks) as well as a travel mug / reusable coffee cup and a refillable water bottle. There are also many different varieties of foods available from traders on site – from baguettes to burgers, baked potatoes to noodles, falafels to vegan delights, pancakes to pizza… there will be something for everyone!

Q: Concretely, what do I need to pay for?

A: Greenpeace will organise your entrance ticket to the festival as well as your camping (where available. So not applicable for the London festivals) and two meals a day. You won't need to pay for any of these. We will also help towards your travel and reimburse up to £20. So you will need to organise and pay for your travel to the festival as well as anything extra you want to buy on site such as alcoholic drinks (when not on shift), cigarettes, food between meals, merchandise and any other items you might need (for example batteries, clothing, sunscreen, umbrella, poncho).

Q: How long will the shifts be?

A: Shifts will be between 6 and 8 hours and will start as early as 10am and finish as late as 11pm. Volunteers will be asked to do a mixture of daytime and evening shifts. Shifts will be confirmed a few days before the festival starts. There will be the opportunity to take breaks when needed. The workload will be fluctuating, i.e. it can get very busy and then very quiet. For example, when a big band is on, the return points will be quiet as everyone is watching them. This will be the perfect opportunity for volunteers to sit down, relax, have a cup of tea and a chat.