Eastbourne YouthStrike4climate.

I was proud to be at the Youthsrike4climate in Eastbourne on Friday which joined towns and cities round the UK and the world on this international day of action.  About 100 people attended who were passionate about protecting the planet.  The youngsters had made colourful plackards with messages expressing their views. 

We all met at the town hall at 1pm where some of the youngsters came forward and spoke about why they had taken the day off school to attend.  They agreed school was important, but with at most 11 years to stop irreversale climate change it was important to miss a few lessons to try and get things changed.  They spoke of the wishes and plans they had for the future, which would not happen unless Governments took action to stop further climate change.  

One young lady said that it was all very well banning straws, but it would need more than a few straws to protect the envornment and we all as well as governments had to make big changes to curb emissions.  Another spoke of her plans to go to college and university, but it would be pointless with an uncertain future.  After the speaches the youngsters lead a march to the town center where there were more speaches, then we all walked back to the town hall where the protest ended.

Having personally campaigned on the issue of climate change for many years now, these youngsters inspired by Greta bring more hope that things will change for the better more quickly.  They will carry on with these protests till Governments around the world start listening and taking this threat to the planet our home seriously.  There is no Planet B, there are no second chances, Society needs to change now or there will be no hope for any of us, and I as an individual will help them all I can.