Eastbourne Greenpeace - Minutes of the January 2019 meeting.

Eastbourne Greenpeace 

03.01.19 Meeting Minutes

Chair: Evie

Apologies: Rebekka, Anya, Andrew, Oksana

Present: Ollie, Evie, Natalie, Sheridan, Jane, David, Adrian, Chris, Linda

Minuted by: Natalie 

• Introductions




• FORESTS – Indonesian palm oil campaign – great stall, great results. 

Got some good pictures obtained. Parent company, Wilmar, has come up with a planon dirty palm oil.  Greenpeace will monitor their efforts.


• Kind heart stall - 15th December

Grotty day, stall was tucked away, not sure how successful it was as, as many people attending were already informed. We did get some signatures though.  


• Greenpeace Christmas social

This went well. 

Discussed how it would be good to have more social events, more regularly.  




PLASTICS CAMPAIGN –being launched on the 19th January, so we need to arrange a stall, save the date of the 23rd February for a plastic hand-in.

This is the current focus. Keep single use plastic packaging from personal shopping, e.g. from fruit, veg, dry goods. Hang on to them for a hand in back to a supermarket. We plan to do a stall outside supermarket to ask customers to give us their pointless plastics which we will then hand back to supermarket. 


Plan – do a stall outside back of Sainsburys, to start collection.

Evie to contact The Beacon, to discuss option of being inside Arndale Centre.


• Plastic bottles – see local group news 

Also please collect plastic bottles, we needs as many as possible. We are looking for empty plastic bottles which have been found discarded in the natural environment.  At a later date we will post our collection to Greenpeace. 


• SEEDY SUNDAY - 2nd Feb - lewes. - who can help?

Evie can’t make it.


Ollie will oversee the stall in Lewes. 




• CARNIVAL – ideas

Usually there is a theme

Last year it was heroes.

Carnival is usually last Saturday in May.

Plan – to start generating ideas ready for this. Sheridan suggests we create something that we can carry.  



• Local group news

Greenspeaker training is in London 9th Feb. Application close on 6th Jan.

Local media co-ordinator training – Evie may continue with this, also Evie to ask Steve. 


Greenpeace want VW to end using diesel. There was an action and some police involvement.

We questioned what action might be taken on the Japanese whaling situation.  It is unclear at this time. 


• Next meeting 

5th February 2019 @ 7.30pm upstairs in Crown & anchor pub Eastbourne