Earth Hour - Plastic Supermarket Campaign Launch

We supported and celebrated the Earth Hour Event at the Angel Centre last night. A great set of perfromances from RGS pupils. Our main focus was the creation of a global sanctuary in the Antarctic, (for which there was a lot of support),  but this was also the night that we launched the Plastic Supermarkets Greenpeace campaign locally. 

Iceland have already announced their plans to eliminate all plastic packaging in their own brands by 2023.  In its place, they will create packaging made of paper and pulp trays and paper bags that are fully recyclable through domestic waste collection or in-store recycling facilities. This follows the announcement to remove all plastic straws from their own label range and on their support for a national deposit return scheme (DRS).  

All of this is in an effort to tackle the 12 million tonnes of plastic its estimated that enter our oceans every year  – injuring marine wildlife and even making its way back up our food chain. But at this time they stand alone. 

Thus the focus on the rest of Plastic Polluting Pack. The campaign starts with a very simple sign to supermarkets that they cld take a step today to reduce the amouht of plastic they produce by moving from plastic loose fruit and veg bags and packaging to paper and other recyclable options. We have begun to notice that there there is a growing appearance of paper bags appearing in supermarkets, that show how they can #endoceanplastics. Watch out for more to come.