Days of Future Past

There she blows! The all new electric taxi. It's not just the taxi that's new but the whole plant in Coventry which will be making electric taxis. Of course she doesn't blow, there's no fossil fuel exhaust, she's moved beyond the age of oil. The shape might be the shape of the past but the energy souce is that of the future.

This new Midlands factory opened today. Our new air pollution campaign opened yesterday to make car companies immediately end the production of diesel cars and commit to go100% electric. Get in touch with your local Greenpeace group to get active with this new campaign -

It's about ending the age of oil, and a step along the way is to #ditchdiesel and #goelectric

Want to act immediately? Sign the petition:

It was one of my favourite albums ('album' - round vinyl thing moving at 33rpm): Days of Future Past by the Moody Blues, a band with Midlands connections. It is said that their album 'On the Threshold of a Dream' was played repeatedly on the early voyages of the Rainbow Warrior. We are on the threshold of ditching diesel - get involved! Help make the end of oil a reality.