Can you help Frack Free Notts with some leafletting?

This is a quick call out on behalf of Frack Free Notts.  Friends of the Earth have identified areas in Nottinghamshire owned by the County Council that INEOS shale want to carry out seismic testing on.  Seismic testing is a non invasive technique that shows the structure of the earth and rocks and in this case, gives an indication whether the rocks are suitable for fracking.  Many of the areas that INEOS are interested in are in the north of the county and around the Mansfield and Warsop area and Frack Free Notts could do with some helpers distributing leaflets to households in those areas to warn them of the situation.  These are the dates they have in mind:

Friday 21st April 7pm Public meeting at the Oaklands Centre, Oakfield Lane, Warsop

Saturday 22nd April 10.00am leaflettign in Rainworth, meet at the old bridge, Helmsley Road

Sunday 23rd April 2pm leafletting in Ravenshead.  Meet at the Larch Farm pub

Satyurday 29th April at the Notts Mayday parade in Mansfield from 10.30am starting at Mansfield Civic Centre

Monday 1st May at Retford Charter day 

If you can help with any of these events please email Greg Hewitt  g [dot] hewitt501 [at] gmail [dot] com.  I believe there may be lifts going from Nottingham but Greg will confirm this.