Bristol Represented On The Frontline Of Fracking In Lancashire

It's been a busy and uplifting week with lots of good news with successes on the Antarctic as well as forests.  It was great to see that Fi Radford made time to travel North to represent Bristol East Greenpeace up at the gates of Cuadrilla's fracking site at Preston New Road, Lancashire.  The call had gone out to Greenpeace supporters to become 'women in white' and attend the weekly march from Maple Farm protest camp to the PNR gates for a 15-minute silent vigil.


On this occasion, the marchers were accompanied by actress, Emma Thompson.  Ms Thompson last visited the site in April 2016 for a Greenpeace “bake-off” protest in a neighbouring field. Then, the landowner sprayed her and her sister, Sophie, with manure.  Last week she led the march of about 100 women and said, “It’s so inspiring to be here with these brave and determined women who have been opposing fracking for years. They speak for a community whose voice was first ignored then shouted down by the Westminster government".


Since January 2017 the direct actions of the local people, Reclaim the Power, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Rising Tide and so many other groups have seriously delayed the progress of Cuadrilla in its bid to extract shale gas from the site.  On many occasions, peaceful protests were met with excessive force from security guards and the police so the weekly Wednesday march and silent vigil were introduced to show strength through dignity and calm.


This was Fi’s third visit to PNR and despite the cold weather, she was so pleased to be part of the uplifting protest last week along with many other Greenpeace supporters. She said, 

"Everyone was so appreciative that we had travelled up from Bristol to support them.  Emma Thompson is a passionate anti-fracking superstar, and she attracted loads of media interest. Being in the midst of 100 women standing in silence before that fracking monstrosity was a powerful experience."


Here is the video released by Greenpeace as a record of the event.

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