Bristol East #ShowTheLove for Wind Power

Grey skies meant that there was not much solar power up on Brandon Hill today but you could certainly feel the icy breeze on your face!  

We were there to #ShowTheLove for wind power - renewable and clean energy - represented by our heart of green coloured pinwheels.  It was good to see the generations represented by Grandparents for a Safer Earth, Bristol East Greenpeace and students from the Bristol University Sustainable Team (BUST).  After the event we retired to a local coffee shop to share news and get warm!

The idea of pinwheels came from the10:10 organisation as part of their #BlownAway campaign to get the Government not to block investment in onshore wind energy.  If you want to add your concern then sign their petition here 

Our event was part of the Climate Coalition's #ShowTheLove week where environmental organisations encourage people to show their love for the planet. The Coalition is made up of over 100 organisations including Oxfam, Friends of the Earth, Woodland Trust, CAFOD, RSPB, the National Trust, Greenpeace and many more.  It is estimated that the total membership of all the organisations is about 15 million people in the UK.

The symbol of the #ShowYourLove week is a green heart.  The week ends on February 14th - St, Valentines Day - and everybody is encouraged to wear a green heart on that day to #ShowYourLove.  Raise awareness of the environment and have positive conversations amongst your family, friends and hopefully those people who ask "Why are you wearing a green heart?"