Bristol East say #OurVoicesAreVital

We were at Brandon Hill this evening in front of a beautiful tree to show solidarity with our friends in Greenpeace USA and Canada who are facing two multi-million dollar lawsuits from the firm Resolute Forest Products who are trying to shut Greenpeace down. Some of Resolute’s large corporate customers have cancelled big contracts when they learnt the truth about Resolute’s destructive forestry practices. Instead of reforming, Resolute has decided to threaten the freedom of speech and protest. A successful lawsuit will seriously affect the amazing campaigning of Greenpeace worldwide and the capacity to work towards a green and peaceful future.

Please use hashtag #OurVoicesAreVital to let as many people as possible know what Resolute are up to and sign the petition here:- and please share with as many people as you can.

Thanks to everyone who turned up for the photo shoot this evening - we managed to dodge the showers!