Bristol Campaigns At Islamic Cultural Fayre

We always feel welcomed at the Islamic Cultural Fayre and it is a noisy and colourful event that can guarantee enthusiastic support for our campaigns.  It is a great family occasion with people travelling from Wales and the South West. 

This year we were asking for signatures for two of our current campaigns - End Ocean Plastics and Save The Antarctic.  It was a blustery day with the mild threat of rain and our decision not to put up the gazebo seemed fair as some stalls had trouble keeping their covers from taking off with the wind.  There was a steady start to gaining signatures but as the afternoon progressed we got much busier.

Many thanks to volunteers Amanda, Iain, Jon, Kate, Richard B and Richard L for their time.  Together they managed to achieve 78 sign ups to end ocean plastics and 16 signatures to help save the Antarctic.  A very worthwhile effort and we hope to be invited back again next year.