BP or not BP?

A dazzling sea of singing merfolk, swashbuckling pirates wielding their swords... it’s not quite what you'd expect on a trip to the British Museum. But that's exactly what people got today. The Splash Mob was there and we had a very pressing question to ask: BP or not BP?

As a company that's caused untold damage to our oceans, what with catastrophic oils spills and dogged insistence on the use of fossil fuels, BP's renewed sponsorship of the British Museum's Sunken Cities exhibition does not sit well with us green warriors. Such is the hypocrisy of their sponsorship deal, what with their contribution to climate change paving the way for a future of even more sunken cities, we wanted to make our voices heard. Hence we donned some show-stopping mermaid attire and made a splash.

It was a great success: there was singing, there was mer-chanting, there was a whole theatrical show and, most importantly, lots of spectators. Our sparkling merfolk, complete with glittering scales and elaborate crowns, sang a whole number of repurposed songs (a BP-focussed rendition of 'It's Raining Oil' for example), while nasty BP pirates brandished their swords with menace. There was also a speech from Crudella de Spill, and figures like Clamgela Merkel and Vladmir Petroleum also got a mention. 

Once these entertaining performances had come to an end, we stomped through the museum’s hall to the beat of the drums while singing out our verdict of the BP sponsorship. We even met an evil BP kraken halfway through, calling for traps to be set to stop it in its tracks. For unassuming bystanders, it was certainly something to stop and take notice of. For us, it went swimmingly (how could it not, with a whole tribe of merfolk?): we spread the word to hundreds and we sang our message loud and clear. 

So to BP or not BP? I think we all know the answer to that.