Better late than never - Preston clean up

Today, Preston greenpeace finally got around to doing their clean up.  We joined forces with several other groups to try and clean up some of the rubbish that ends up in the river Ribble, one of the tenth most polluted rivers in Britain. We came together with Surfers against Sewerage, The Ribble Trust, our old friends - the friends of the earth, as well as the Beautiful Planet crowd.  

The weather wasn’t a kind as it could be, but despite this, we managed to collect over 14 stones worth of rubbish, 93kg, or 28 bags worth, which Preston council promptly removed.  Plastic bottles were removed to be sent off to ecover for recycling.  The Mariner cafe kindly allowed us to use their facilities and gave us unlimited tea and coffee (and they have soya milk!) - a lovely little cafe that I never realised was there, but I will visit again.

It was sad to see how  much rubbish had got into the river, by the doors to the docks - see Kath’s pictures of the day to see what I mean.  This rubbish might have been out of our reach but there was plenty more that we could reach.  It was a lovely day, with good company, and a good feeling of doing something positive for our community.  Roll on the next clean up! Fancy joining us? Then get in touch!