After today's Krill Polling in West Bridgford, I just wanted to let our Greenwire supporters know how rewarding it can be to engage with the public on our campaigns.

I was explaining the krill polling campaign to a chap who listened to me and then put his signed krill sticker on the poster. He never said a word. He came back a few minutes later and said "I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your level of commitment to the environment". We were so touched by this and it makes all our voluntary efforts worthwhile.

Another chap nearby who was waiting for someone gave me some coaching... he said my opening gambit should be "I'm not asking for money". I said I'd give it a try and clocked up a score of 4 successes in the next few engagements! I gave him the credit!! We did however have 3 people willingly offer to donate money to Greenpeace.

One member of the public offered to take the photo of us and our stall for social media!

Even an elderly lady who's back was severely bent and struggled with walking made a point of approaching us to put her name on krill sticker to vote on the poster.

I love it when parents sign up with their children. A lot of the time the children are doing some kind of environmental projects at their school and our campaigning usually complements them.

Another benefit is that we come across people who have been financially supporting Greenpeace for years and it's so nice for us to meet up and for them to see us campaigning in their home town.

AND we are often given sweets from our supporters!

I find engaging with the public really positive and am always pleasantly surprised by people's supportive reactions to our efforts. Even though some people show no interest or may blank us completely, you never know where that seed of engagement might flourish one day!!