Barclays - stop funding tar sands pipelines - Huddersfield

On Saturday, June 30th, volunteers from the Huddersfield Greenpeace group were outside the Barclays branch in the Market Place asking people in Huddersfield to give their views about Barclays’ funding environmentally destructive oil pipelines in Canada.


Barclays is the only UK bank still choosing to fund pipelines to take oil from Canada’s tar sands to market. Oil from the tar sands is difficult to extract, and uses a lot of energy to produce. As a consequence, a barrel of tar sands oil produces twice as much pollution as an average barrel of oil. To get oil from the tar sands to market, Canada wants three huge pipelines built, crossing forests, mountains, Indigenous lands and many rivers. The risks involved have mobilised Indigenous communities to resist the pipelines’ construction.


The pipelines would risk spilling into the rivers and coastal waters of Canada and the US, as well as producing more carbon than almost any other fuel, accelerating climate change and contributing to extreme weather around the world.


Pete Mellor, member of the Huddersfield Greenpeace group, said –


“Canada’s tar sands produce some of the dirtiest oil in the world, and concerns about climate change have left Barclays as the only UK bank still choosing to fund these pipelines. The pipelines could cause huge damage to rivers and Indigenous lands in North America, and they will, without doubt, cause huge damage to our climate. We already have more oil than we can safely burn, that’s why we’re asking people in Huddersfield to stand with the Indigenous communities opposing these pipelines and tell Barclays to think again.”


“Banks are happy to take their cut of the profits from dirty oil projects, but not their share of the blame for the environmental damage. We should stop letting them get away with it, and hold Barclays to account.”