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Stephen Macdonald Baker 1946 - 2019

You can now find details for Steve's funeral here . *************** Stephen McDonald Baker, ‘Stevie B’ to his friends and ‘Jamie’ if he was in danger of being told off by his mum...

Shoppers Revolt at Berkshire's Tesco

Berkshire Greenpeace met shoppers at Tesco in Reading & Wokingham over the weekend, So many were appalled at the their food being smothered in plastic, & were happy to...

Dundee supermarket plastics

Just some photos from our very successful engagement with customers outside Tesco Riverside in Dundee on Saturday.

Shoppers revolt Blackpool Sainsbury's

Photos from todays (Saturday 19th January) shoppers revolt from Blackpool Sainsbury's. Thank you to all our volunteers and to everyone who supported our campaign.
World’s Largest Offshore Wind Turbine | Haliade-X | GE Renewable Energy

12 Mw Wind turbine 63% capacity factor

This GE promo video shows their new 12Mw off-shore wind turbine . As well as having a high peak power it has a 63% Capacity Factor ( this means on average it will produce 7.7Mw ) & is...