Durham Greenpeace 2016 (OSPAR campaign, Street collection & Save the heart of the Amazon Campaign)

Four Durham Group events 2016

This is a short film from four events (Durham Pride, Street collection, OSPAR campaign and Save the heart of the Amazon) we took part in. Sorry its a little clunky :)

Dear Siemens

From Japan to Mexico, Brazil to Romania, we’ve taken your message to save the heart of the Amazon to Siemens's headquarters in 16 countries! If you haven't yet, join more than 1 million people who...

Outreach stall

18 August 2016, 4:00 PM until 11:45 PM BST
(Bromley Market Square)

Stall at Peace One Day

21 September 2016, 7:15 PM until 11:45 PM BST
(Bromley Parish Church rooms)

Truck Fest Saves the Amazon

Berkshire Greenpeace took the Save The Heart Of the Amazon Campaign to Tuck Festival. Bigger this year 10,000 people & 3 Days of great Music. The Manic Street Preachers...

Damning The Amazon - Greenpeace Report

" Damning The Amazon - The Risky Business of Hydroelectric Power in the Amazon " is a Greenpeace report which lays out in detail the case against Amazon Hydro in general & the...
Janet in the Jungle - Part 2

Janet in the Jungle - Part 2

Here's the second video from Janet in Amazon, where she visits the site of the proposed dam and sees what would be destroyed if it goes ahead.

Damn the Dam - photo album

On Saturday 16th July Bristol East took part in a global day of action to persuade engineering firm Siemens not to build a dam across the Tapajos River in the Amazon. The project...

Bristol Damns Siemens Plan For A Dam In The Amazon

Bristol East took part in a global day of acion to try and stop Siemens building a dam across the Tapajos river in the Amazon. Greenpeace groups around the world were encouraging...

Heart Of The Amazon Street Campaign - Durham

Interesting start to the day for our Save the Heart of the Amazon campaign in Durham today, armed with my letter to the Currys Durham store manager I spoke to the assistant...

A message to Siemens

After our customary fortification with copius cups of coffee and a quick briefing, we set off to the main shopping area of Dundee, folding table under one arm, bags of leaflets...