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Inverness Climate March

29 November 2015, 12:00 AM GMT
10 Stephenson Street, Inverness (Velocity Cafe)

Don't frack under Attenborough Nature Reserve

On Saturday, Greenpeace activists from Nottingham and Derby networks met up with members of Frack Free Beeston to highlight the fact that the Government want to water down...

Under the Angel

On a bright but cold Saturday Joe and I joined two other Greenpeace supporters Phen and Josefin plus our organiser Fearghal outside Sainsbury’s at Angel, Islington to speak to...

Glasgow Greenpeace 'Just Tuna' Campaign

Glasgow Greenpeace had another successful afternoon, campaigning outside Morrisons in Barrack Street on Saturday 21 November. We were raising awareness about the dark side of the...

Divest Waltham Forest - update

Hello For the unfamiliar: Divest Waltham Forest is new, single-issue campaign group including local Greenpeace and Friends of The Earth members. The global divestment campaign,...

Restore the forest. Wear the mask.

In the last few weeks more than 200,000 people from all over the world signed the petition to stop the fires in Indonesia - this is incredible! President Jokowi already moved and...

Reading Climate March

28 November 2015, 12:01 PM until 2:59 PM GMT
34 Christchurch Road, Reading (Christ Church)

Shopper Aggregation on the Cowley Road, Oxford

Although it was the coldest day of winter so far, we bundled up and hit the Cowley Road in Oxford on Saturday to spread the word about the Just Tuna campaign. The addition of a...

Greenpeace #JustTuna at Totterdown

We were catching art lovers as they walked round the Totterdown Art Trail to tell them about our #JustTuna leaflet and to get them to make sure whatever Tuna they brought it wasn'...

Fracking the Chilterns? & Oil Subsidies

Despite earlier promises to protect Britain's beauty spots from fracking, this government is about to change the law. We went to the Chilterns, even on a rainy day the area is...

Fear of Change & Commitment

Over the years, firstly as an environmental activist and campaigner and now as a professional consultant, one thing that I have become increasingly aware and concerned about is a...