Pictures from MAKE SMTHNG WEEK event Helsinki 4.12.

In the beginning of December, Greenpeace offices, allies and friends all over the world got together to say NO to overconsumption and YES to creating and making things together. The new theme week was called the MAKE SMTHNG WEEK.

In Helsinki, we participated by hosting a fun, creative DIY gift workshop and open doors evening at our office. During the event, we hosted a vegan holiday treat tasting put together by vegan bloggers, a really popular natural cosmetics workshop as well as a "experience gift cards" craft spot where people could make their own cards from recycled materials. A young female DJ added up to the cool and fun atmosphere. 

The event was a great success, and it seemed like the guests really enjoyed the event! Around 40 guests joined the event, many of them totally new to Greenpeace. Based on this experience, we recommend organizing more of these kinds of light, open, low-threshold events to give new kind of people an easy way to join us.

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The event was mainly organised by three trainees from Laurea University of Applied Sciences - thank you for making this happen Johanna, Tiina and Monika!

Photos by Niina Tähdensalo and Riina Kivilahti.

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