May 30 Global Day of Action across Greenpeace Nordic

Hi y'all!

The first Global Day of Action of this year among with many others was rolled out by volunteers, allies and staff all across Greenpeace Nordic.

In Norway, we have done our activity slightly earlier and handed out more than 50 thousand signatures to the MPs to divest Norwegian Oil Fund from coal. After months of intensive work, it was a very happy moment to learn at the same night that all the political parties came to an agreement to divest from coal all around the world with 30% criteria (exactly what we demanded). And finishing this round with this nice picture was also great thanks to the Norwegian team.

In Sweden, a very creative thinking gathered the direct communication with Social Democrats in their congress with the Global Day of Action; our Vattenfall campaign and the 100%RE campaign together. Our messages was inside and outside of the building, small and big and every where for the Social Democrates. They certainly got the message to keep coal in the ground. But it was not only in Västerås, that Greenpeace folks joined the Global Day of Action: All Swedish volunteer groups also added their voice and action to this important day! (NOTE: At the time of writing and posting, I don't have all the pics of your activities yet, I will add these as soon as I get my hands on them :-)

In Finland, a battle to give Helsinki a coal-free future is just taking place with a larger coalition. The municipality council will soon take a decision about what to do with the ageing coal plants in Helsinki. And the action is right there, in front of the huge coal mountain which fuels Helsinki's coal power plant, with a beautiful picture.

And in Denmark, in front of the french oil company Total office, to tell them stop even thinking about fracking in Denmark. You shall not pass :) Our volunteers and staff came together, built our rig, gave our pictures and spoke to the people handing out the leaflets and collecting sign ups.

Today then, the local groups in Aarhus, Aalborg with awesome Copenhagen support, and Odense, took to the streets to boost the fracking campaign and to collect more and more support for this important environmental struggle in Denmark.


Markus for the Nordic Volunteer Unit