Bounce for the Arctic / Helsinki May 2017



Finland received the two year chairmanship of Arctic Counsil Last May. To celebrate the new position, Greenpeace together with circus Artis Mikko Karhu from world known Race Horse Company -centemporary circus group landed the streets of Helsinki.

Here you have some photos of the campaigning team consisting of 15 volunteers chatting with people about the urgency of protecting the Arctic. 

Mikko Karhu performed his trampoline solo three times during the afternoon. In between the shows our crew took the visitors to a "journey to the Arctic" thru the virtual reality glasses as well as offered Arctic themed face paintings to children. We talked to hundrets of poeple during this sunny afternoon.

Enjoy the photo ride!

...And don't forget to take a look at the breathtaking trampoline solo here!

Thank you to our volunteer photographer Thomas Poole for the beutiful photos. And for all the campaigners making this happen! <3